About Us

Sexy Codicology is an independent project focused on medieval illuminated manuscripts. We maintain projects such as the Digitized Medieval Manuscripts app (DMMapp).

Sexy Codicology’s objectives:

  • To discover interesting medieval illuminated manuscripts hidden in digitized special collections.
  • Share them with the widest audience possible.
  • Rise the interest in these amazing books.

Who is behind Sexy Codicology?

Sexy Codicology is a project run by Founder & Developer Giulio Menna, MA, and Co-Founder Marjolein de Vos, MA.

What’s the story of Sexy Codicology?

The Sexy Codicology project begun in 2012 as a Twitter account only (@SexyCodicology). After one month, it became a website and, at the same time, a Facebook page. The accounts on Pinterest and Tumblr soon followed, due to the visual nature of the project. Having the project reached the thousands of followers, with all the accounts combined, the website was redesigned in 2013 to better accommodate the bigger audience. The DMMapp soon followed. In 2023 the focus shifted form the blog to constantly improving the DMMapp.