The Parker Library & Parker on the Web 2.0

Parker Library, Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 003: The Dover Bible, Volume I. 73v

In December 2017  the Parker Library announced in a blog post that, soon, they would be launching their revamped website. Fast-forward to January 2018 and the Parker Library (Corpus Christi College) in Cambridge indeed launched their new website, Parker on the Web 2.0, made in cooperation with Stanford University Libraries. The improvements are many, but the … Read more

IIIF – The digitized manuscripts revolution we’ve all been waiting for!

Comparing two images of the evangelists, one from the Bodleian, the other from St. Gallen

We created the DMMapp to make it easier for you to find collections of digitized manuscripts – and IIIF is making it easier for you to view, study, and compare manuscripts. In this post we are going to tell you all about why it’s awesome! In 2011, a group of international libraries and universities [1] set up … Read more

The digital collection of the Openbare Bibliotheek Brugge (Public Library of Bruges)

DE NATURA RERUM [MS. 411] - Detail from the Public Library of Bruges

As someone who loves manuscripts and medieval culture, you might one day end up in Belgium, exploring Flanders, and you might go to Bruges, which was flourishing in the Middle Ages. The area has produced countless beautiful manuscripts with a very typical and recognizable style of  illuminations now preserved at the Public Library of Bruges. Bruges’ … Read more

The Adventures of Medieval Killer Bunny: A Musical Vacation

BL Add. ms 49622 - f129v

It’s Xmas time! Christmas songs and carols everywhere! In this newest instalment of The Adventures of Medieval Killer Bunny we are going to look at what the medieval bunnies are planning for theholidays! Like everyone, also they sometimes need some relaxation and fun, and most importantly, a break from their killer jobs; and since we are … Read more

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