Maintenance & upgrades!

We have just released a crucial update for the DMMapp. While nothing visible changed on the website itself, on the back-end of the app it is a whole other story! Without going into too many boring technical details: We can now update the database and add additional metadata with just a few clicks. “Why is … Read more

March Updates

Hey Codicologists, We have reviewed our reported broken links on the DMMapp, added two new repositories! New repositories From Ljubljana in Slovenia we have added the Digital Library of Slovenia – National and University Library of Slovenia, which includes the Central Library Srecko Vilhar, and  Manuscripta – A Digital Catalogue of Manuscripts in Sweden. Updates … Read more

Create your own DMMapp!

Yes!  We are delighted to announce that the code makes the DMMapp work is now available for everyone on GitHub! When we developed the new DMMapp, we were of the opinion that the application we created should be reusable: everyone should have the possibility to recreate the DMMapp, or to create a similar app. So, … Read more

DMMapp March Update

Thanks to the many reports we have received over the past couple of months we are happy to announce that the DMMapp is approching the end of its “Beta”. Planned for the end of the month! What has the Sexy Codicology Team been doing? Updated the database thanks to the feedback of our users that … Read more

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