DMMapp 4.0 is on the way!

Yes! There is more on the way for what concerns the DMMapp. As you might know, we have recently given you the possibility to report broken links in our DMMapp. We are happy to communicate that it has been a great success, and its working better than expected. A big thank you for all those … Read more

DMMapp plugin for Chrome & Firefox!

Yes! Just like the medieval monks, we have sat behind our desks writing the code(x)! The result? An improved DMMapp plugin, now also available for Firefox users. The DMMapp plugin allows you to search the DMMapp’s database directly, without having to go the website first. For example: Searching for the manuscripts from the Getty Museum? … Read more


Hi everyone! Couple of news concerning both the blog and the DMMapp. Sexy Codicology Blog news Have you checked our “Medieval Scripts” section recently? No? Well, we are currently working on expanding our website and we are now writing texts concerning medieval writing styles. The idea here is to provide visitors with a good starting … Read more

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