The Adventures of Medieval Killer Bunny: A Musical Vacation

BL Add. ms 49622 - f129v

It’s Xmas time! Christmas songs and carols everywhere! In this newest instalment of The Adventures of Medieval Killer Bunny we are going to look at what the medieval bunnies are planning for theholidays! Like everyone, also they sometimes need some relaxation and fun, and most importantly, a break from their killer jobs; and since we are … Read more

The Adventures of Medieval Bunny, Part I: The Killer Rabbit

Psychotic Killer Rabbit

The Killer Rabbit in Medieval Manuscripts Back in early May 2013 we came across some intriguing and awesome marginalia of rabbits in medieval manuscripts, in curious situations and topsy-turvy worlds, among which we found the killer rabbit! On May 10th we posted this picture on our Facebook Page: As imaginable, the first thing that this marginal … Read more

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