Sexy Codicology Videos

At Sexy Codicology we always try to find new ways to spread the interest in medieval manuscripts. A way to do this is to make short movies, using the excellent high-resolution, copyright-free, images from institutions like the Getty Museum.

You can find us on YouTube.

The Virgin Mary in Medieval Manuscripts

Italian Manuscripts

Medieval Saints

Medieval Knights in Shining Armor

Fantastic Beasts from the Northumberland Bestiary (Ms. 100)

The Depiction of Jesus Jesus in Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

A Stunning Missal: Ms. 34 from The J. Paul Getty Museum

The Stunning T’oros Roslin Illuminated Manuscript

Full Page Illuminations from the Butler Hours Illuminated Manuscript

Giulio Menna

Giulio is a passionate lover of medieval manuscripts, with a particular interest in those from Southern Italy. He holds an MA in Book and Digital Media Studies and a BA in Graphic and Multimedia Design. Currently working as an application manager and developer at Leiden University Libraries, Giulio has developed the DMMapp and the DMMapp blog, which provides access to digitized medieval manuscripts and insightful commentary on these cultural treasures.

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