Crowdfunding for the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders

prayer book of Mary of Guelders

The Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders needs help!

Ladies and Gentlemen, manuscripts lovers and culture defenders: there is a book in need of heroes! As some of you might have heard, the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders is in need of repairs. This manuscript was copied in the monastery of Mariënborn by Helmich die Lewe in 1415. As beautiful as it is fragile, the book was once in possession of Duchess Mary of Guelders and it will turn 600 years old in 2015. Medievalist Johan Oosterman wants to return this book to the hands of researchers and into exhibitions with your help.

The video that presents the book (in Dutch with English subtitles) is an excellent testimonial to the beauty and the fragility of this illuminated manuscript.

You can help by donating directly at crowdfunding webpage (Dutch and English).

You can follow Johan Oosterman and the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders on Twitter or Facebook.

Giulio Menna
Giulio is an MA graduate in Book and Digital Media Studies from Leiden University, the Netherlands. He is also system librarian at Leiden University Library. Founder and developer of Sexy Codicology and the DMMmaps Project; lover of medieval manuscripts and of all things digital.
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