DMMapp Development Log

Here you can find all the latest updates for the DMMapp – Digitized Medieval Manuscripts app – by the Sexy Codicology team.

We would like to thank our patrons over at Patreon for supporting us with the right quantity of coffee needed to pour endless code into our computers.

v4.0 (2018/02/2019)

  • Complete code rewrite of the DMMapp
    • Migrated to Laravel framework
  • Optimized overall loading performance
  • Implemented permalinks for all entries in the DMMapp data: for each institution and individual ID (“DMMapp ID”)
  • Vast improvements to website’s metadata to help “discoverability”
    • Each Institution page has its own metadata:
      • Individual page title
      • Individual description of the page’s contents
      • Additional metadata about Sexy Codicology and the DMMapp
  • Database migrated from JSON to SQLite
  • Created admin panel to easily, quickly, and effectively update DMMapp data entries
  • Vast update to the DMMapp’s data (links, location, library names, etc.)
  • Additional data added: “Is part of” and “IIIF” fields
  • Secured Google Maps’ API usage
  • Improved database security (CSFR tokens)
  • URL updated to instead of
  • is now archived
  • Implemented 301-redirects: “beta” URLs to final URLs
  • Improvements to the landing page
    • Endless text edits
    • Easier to find links to the “Data” part of the app
    • Improved visibility of “Report error”
    • Improved visibility of “Report missing repository”
  • Improvements to the table’s navigability on smaller screens
    • Long URLs will no longer mess up the interface
  • General improvements to performance and looks on small screens (phones and tablets)
  • An endless list of smaller improvements