DMMapp – New major update on the way!

We are excited to reveal that the Sexy Codicology team has been hard at work on a new, major update for the DMMapp.

In the past months we have worked hard on many aspects of the application with the goal to improve its usefulness, especially for researchers.

Some of the cool new features include:

  • Possibility to filter data
  • Possibility to download the DMMapp data
  • New, cleaner, interface
  • A better server
  • Countless fixes in the code

New metadata fields:

  • Free Cultural Works Licenses (Boolean)
  • IIIF (Boolean)
  • Is part of (string)
  • Blog post (Boolean)

More features and field will be announced as we get closer to the release date, which is scheduled for the 29th of November.

All this is possible thanks to your support!

Please keep in mind that between the 26th and the 28th of November there will be a period of extended maintenance on the server, and the DMMapp might not be accessible as we take care of the technical stuff.

Stay tuned for more details and previews.

And once again, thank you for your support!

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