Crowdfunding for the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders

prayer book of Mary of Guelders

The Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders needs help! Ladies and Gentlemen, manuscripts lovers and culture defenders: there is a book in need of heroes! As some of you might have heard, the Prayer Book of Mary of Guelders is in need of repairs. This manuscript was copied in the monastery of Mariënborn by Helmich die Lewe in 1415. As … Read more

New digitized manuscripts from the Vatican Library!

Well, this is the third time here at Sexy Codicology that we are delighted to communicate that the Vatican Library has, once again, digitized and made available a few hundreds new manuscripts! Since we started the DMMmaps project, the Vatican Library has more than doubled the number of digitally available books. Plus, they have reorganized … Read more

On “Quill” – Extended edition

BPL-304, f.142v, Watermark

As you surely know, “Quill” was recently launched. Quill is a website a new website for medieval manuscript lovers put together by Dr. Erik Kwakkel, who had the idea, took care of the texts and made sure it’d be a success, and I, who had the pleasure of taking care of the photos. Erik put together a … Read more

Quill: a new website for medieval manuscript lovers!

Initial P from Leiden VLQ 38, f. 23r

A super-cool website about medieval manuscripts has gone online today! “This is to alert you to a new product of the “Turning Over a New Leaf” project: a website (in English) devoted to the medieval manuscript, aimed at a non-expert audience: Some sixty web pages take you through the different production stages of the manuscript, … Read more

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