What’s next?

There is so much to do! We have succesfully migrated the articles from the DMMapp blog to the Sexy Codicology blog; HTTPS is here too. Plus, we recently posted the article about the humanistic script. It is part of our “Medieval Scripts” section. Facebook is doing nice!

  • Write articles about the other scripts.
  • Finish editing the posts we have saved as draft in our blog.
  • Create the Patron page ;)
  • Create the “More resources” page to many other related projects out there.
  • As always, we are late on adding the new libraries to the DMMapp! This is a priority.
  • The reviews!
  • IIIF post!
  • Some 100s of things more…

Technical aspects

The boring, but essential, part:

  • We  need to give a good look at the structure of the website. Some pages are no longer used, other have bad links in it. Gotta fix them!
  • On GitHub, the DMMapp page needs some love.

We’ll get there!

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